Flat to rent for £1,000 a month with worrying layout is branded ‘the worst ever’

Most renters have to make some serious compromises if they go flat-hunting in London with sizeable budgets not stretching very far at all in the capital.

Small living spaces come with big monthly fees but one home in Stoke Newington has been branded the “worst ever” on social media thanks to its truly baffling layout.

Coming in at £1,000 a month, one of the first things prospective tenants may pick up on is that a shower cubicle has been placed in the kitchen rather than the bathroom.

The open plan room boasts two sinks, a microwave on top of a chest of drawers, and a hob which one eagle-eyed person noticed came with its very own coat hooks just below the extraction fan.

There’s no oven but it opens up into a living space with a sofa in prime position to look at the fridge-freezer, and a dining table next to the large windows, which let in plenty of natural light.

Moving into the bathroom, the design becomes even more abstract with a boiler mounted in front of a window and a washing machine facing the toilet – with the two being separated by a steep step.

Oddly, the bath appears to come with its own shower head, meaning the kitchen shower cubicle could be saved exclusively for guest use.

Things are a lot more conventional in the double bedroom, with plenty of floor space, multiple shelving units and a white wardrobe.

Photos of the flat were shared on Twitter by @Joelgolby, who wrote: “I know I’ve said this before but I genuinely think this might be the worst ever one.”

It racked up hundreds of likes as others were left equally stunned by the rental opportunity, with one replying to say: “You should never be able to see your microwave and fridge while you shower.”

A second said: “I swear the bath panel is just a door they’ve screwed to the bath?!”

Another noticed the entrance door buzzer was perfectly in reach of the kitchen shower as someone else added: “Why does this look like the first house you make on Sims with £10k with everything close together.”

One person also joked: “The bath mats are there as a visual aid, reminding you that you need to take a step down from the toilet and the bath. They don’t work. Every person dismounting that toilet misses the step and smacks straight into the cupboard. People die getting out of that bath.”